KINDRED is a group of like-minded female musicians that has evolved over the years, initially having sprouted from the first season of the Bija Choir in 2008.

Since that time, Kindred has performed for community events including Bija Choir annual concerts, a Ceres Project benefit, Cancer Survivor's Workshop. SunRidge School's Fall Festival, Aubergine's, and the opening celebration of the Sebastopol Community Market.  Featured are pictures of Kindred & Co performing at the Bija Choir Summerfest in June 2016 at Ives Park and the Bija Harvest Benefit Concert, November 2014.

KINDRED is currently a group of eight women performing "American Roots & Branches" style of repertoire in close vocal harmonies, strings and percussion.   They also mentor the Bija Treble Choir in their advanced choral pieces.  The women of KINDRED are all mothers in addition to their other occupations as engineer, early childhood music director, graphic designer, doctor of psychology, and creative director of a choral nonprofit.  They share a common love for quality music, a healthy lifestyle, and as well, share an uncommon kindred connection through song.